All Time Seraph Artifact mods in Destiny 2

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Age of the Seraph features a new Artifact for you to level up in Destiny 2 as you progress your daily and weekly activities, along with seasonal unlocks. These will be important upgrades to you for the rest of the season, and they will go into your armor slots to boost your passives and give you various upgrades. Here’s what you need to know about all the Season of the Seraph Artifact mods in Destiny 2.

Every Artifact mod in Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph

You don’t have access to all these mods. You need to meet certain requirements to unlock the next row, which means leveling up your characters in Destiny 2. Here’s a breakdown of each mod you can unlock, and the column to find- it’s yours.

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Column 1

  • Unstoppable Hand Cannon
    • Aiming sights with whatever Hand Cannon you wield loads a powerful explosive payload that stuns defenseless fighters. Strong against the Unstoppable Champions
  • Oversized Scout Rifle
    • Landing consecutive hits on combatants with whatever Scout Rifle you are using will distract combatants, stun them, delay the ability to regenerate energy and lower the combatant’s damage output. Strong against Overload Champions.
  • Bowstring Piercing
    • Archers gain shield-piercing arrows, which can bypass the combatant’s defenses
  • Anti-barrier Pulse Rifle
    • Pulse Rifles you use fire shield-piercing rounds and stun Barrier Champions
  • Overload Rounds
    • Relentless fire from your equipped Auto Rifle and Submachines provides ammunition that stun combatants, delaying the ability to regenerate energy and reducing the combatant’s damage output.

Column 2

  • Grenade Launcher Holster
    • Slowly reload your hidden Power Grenade launcher over time. Multiple copies of this perk stack to reduce the time taken to fully reload.
  • Legacy Ambush
    • Increases the duration and effectiveness of Ambush Origin Trait and Bray Inheritance Origin Trait
  • In-Flight Compensator
    • Increases the air effectiveness of all used weapons
  • Bow Dexterity
    • Faster ready and stow speed for Bows
  • Mobile Retrofit

Column 3

  • Hand Cannon Targeting
    • Improved target acquisition, accuracy, and sight lowering speed for Hand Cannons
  • Pulse Rifle Loader
    • Increased reload speed for Pulse Rifles
  • Energy Dissipation Substrate
    • Gain a small amount of Resistance to all damage dealt to you by fighters. Additional copies of this mod increase these effects
  • Sharp Shooting
    • Greatly increased the duration and effectiveness of the Tex Balance Stock Origin trait and the Veist Stringer Origin trait
  • Robust Retrofit

Column 4

  • Unstoppable Grenade Launcher
    • If you ready or reload a Grenade Launcher, for a short time, that weapon will stun the Unstoppable Champions. Strong against the Unstoppable Champions
  • Counter Charger
    • Can be Charged with Light whenever you or a member of your fireteam stun a Champion
  • Advance Scout
    • Champions you have stunned take extra damage from teammates
  • Lord Kelvin’s basilisk
    • Void and Stasis grenades cause disruption, delaying the ability to regenerate and lowering the combatant’s damage output. Strong against Overload Champions
  • Low Entropy Superconductors
    • Stasis and Arc melee abilities can stun unprotected fighters. Strong against the Unstoppable Champions

Column 5

  • Passive Aggressive Guard
    • Takes less damage from fighters near you while holding a Glaive
  • Weakened Clarity
    • When using a Grenade Launcher, damage a boss, damage a Champion, or destroy a fighter’s shield, reload your hidden weapon and weaken the fighter.
  • Monochromatic Maestro
    • Dealing damage with elemental abilities deals additional damage to weapons of the same element for a short duration. Dealing damage to elemental weapons deals additional damage to abilities of the same element for a short duration.
  • Solo operator
    • While you are the only member of your fireteam, you deal more damage to all fighters
  • Lucent Finisher
    • Defeating a Lucent Hive Lightbearer or Champion with your finisher spawns heavy ammunition for you and your allies

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