Best MyFaction token reward card in WWE 2K23

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MyFaction returns for its sophomore season in WWE 2K23. Although things look familiar, one of the more welcome changes is that players in the Token Market are cheaper than last year, which actually directly mirrors its basketball cousin in WWE 2K23. With so many cards to choose from, it’s hard to know which cards go where, so we’re here to break down all the token rewards and help you separate the jabronis from the legends.

Best emerald card rewards in WWE 2K23

Emerald cards from the token market are worth three tokens each and are the highest value cards in terms of time. It takes a lot of matches to get enough MyFaction points to unlock a pack, but only a few matches to get an entire group of players in the token market. You need to buy 12 cards to unlock the Sapphire level of cards. That’s 36 tokens to unlock the next level and 60 tokens to buy the entire list. Here are our picks for the best emerald cards.

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Boogeyman has a high level Space Invader badge. Space Invader increases the power of submissions and thus shortens the time it takes to submit someone. This is important if you want to manage tag-team matches quickly. If you are looking for other space invader cards in the Emerald Tier, give it a try Brutus Creed.

Many of the Striker class cards in the game, such as Cora Jade and Xia Li, has a badge called Sting Like a Bee that boosts your light (square on Playstation, X button on Xbox) and heavy attack (Cross on Playstation, A on Xbox). It’s WWE 2K23’s bread and butter and how you do most of your damage, so maxing it out isn’t a bad call.

Best Saphire card rewards in WWE 2K23

Sapphire cards cost as little as five tokens per card and are the highest rated cards available at launch. You need 14 Sapphire cards to unlock the next level, or 70 tokens, and the entire collection is 100 tokens.

Angelo Dawkins a great card at this level, has access to Space Invader. Carmelo Hayes there’s a badge called All Answers, which builds up a stun meter when you reverse or reverse your opponent’s attack. Stun guarantees that a move cannot be reversed and makes sure you can get your big moves off without issue.

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As we move on to the ladies of the Sapphire Tier, our biggest standout is Duprop, who has an upgraded version of the new Wet Blanket Badge. This badge allows someone to lose Special and Finisher power whenever they are stunned, making him a unique choice to bring into the new online section of MyFaction. There is also Lacy Evans, with the Lionheart Badge, which heals you when you use a finisher. We will keep this guide updated throughout the year as new token rewards are released.

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