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The sudden loss of actor Lance Reddick today left countless doubts, but memorials are already happening online. Shortly after the news of Reddick’s passing, Destiny 2 players flocked to the game’s hub, where the character he voiced for the past decade still stands and honored his memory and work.

If you walk into the Tower today, you’ll likely see players gathered around Zavala, kneeling and excited to pay their respects to their fallen commander. Many members of the community, including Bungie staff, shared their tributes and vigils for Reddick online.

Reddick has made waves on television starring in shows like The Wire and Fringe, and is perhaps best known recently for his supporting role as Charon in the John Wick series. In the gaming world, he also played Commander Zavala, the loyal leader of The Last City and its Guardians in Destiny. Over the years, Zavala went from being an occasional commander to a fixture in the game, a fan-favorite character, and something of a father figure to many, due in no small part to Reddick’s incredible performance, which saw the character through major personal ups and downs. Earlier today, Bungie released a statement on Reddick’s passing, writing that he was an “iconic screen presence” as well as someone who “radiated a kindness that moved those around him.”

Since taking over Zavala’s role, Reddick has even become a bit of a regular in the games, reprising his role as Charon in John Wick Hex and appearing more prominently in Horizon: Zero Dawn and Forbidden West.

Outside of Destiny, Reddick was also known as a huge fan of the game, one who actively played and engaged with his community even when he wasn’t explicitly pushing for it. Over the years, Reddick has uploaded numerous videos to Twitter answering fan questions out of the blue, and has even read lines to fans in Zavala’s voice just to do so, earning him great recognition in the Destiny 2 community.

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