Do Tera types pass when breeding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? answer

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The 3D Pokémon games all introduce a special battle mechanic that helps make your Pokémon duels more exciting. Generation 6 has Mega Evolution, Generation 7 has Z-moves, and Generation 8 has Dynamaxing. Generation 9’s mechanic is the flashy Terastallization, which allows your Pokémon to evolve into a specific typing that normally wouldn’t. Pokémon also get a damage boost when they use a move of the same type as their Tera type. Tera Raids allow you to catch a wide variety of Terastallized Pokémon. But if you get a Flying-Type Pikachu and breed it, will your Tera type carry over?

Tera types are usually taken from a Pokémon’s primary typing. For example, a Pawmot, which is Electric / Fighting-type is traditionally an Electric Tera type Pokémon. However, Tera’s attacks often allow for some wild (and sometimes suboptimal) combinations, such as a Fairy-type Lucario or Fire-type Lechonk. As Pokémon breeds often have the characteristics of their parent Pokémon, it is reasonable to assume that Tera types can also be passed on to their offspring.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. If you get a special Dragon-type Mimikyu and breed it, its offspring will not be Dragon-type or have any special Tera typing. We tried it with Ditto and Mabosstiff with Psychic Tera typing, but after four eggs, none of its offspring were Psychic Tera type. This highlights the importance of using Tera attacks and making sure you get the Tera typing you want for a particular Pokémon.

However, it’s not impossible for your Pokémon to have a different Tera type than when they were first caught. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have a mechanic where you can change the Pokémon’s Tera type. If you want your favorite Pokémon to be a Dragon-type, you don’t need to scavenge different attacks for it. Follow this guide to change their typing to your own.

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