Every Dragon Glyph location in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

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The Dragon Isles offer more than a little wonder and adventure for the brave explorers who enter World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. The ability to fly dragons has proven to be a rare feat for all heroes within Azeroth, and finding all the Dragon Glyphs spread across the Dragon Isles will allow players to unlock every available one. Dragonflight ability, no matter where they are in the campaign. These abilities make Dragonflight even more fun, so sooner or later players will have to sit down and try to find every Dragon Glyph available – here’s where to find it.

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All Dragonflight Glyphs in the Dragon Isles

These Dragon Glyphs are spread across all four regions of the Dragon Isles, with each region holding twelve glyphs that give players one point per glyph. It’s good to move regions for Glyphs in the same pattern as the main campaign, as the last region offers some of the hardest glyphs to get due to being so tall. This means that players want to move to regions in the following order:

  • The Waking Shores
  • Places called Ohn’ahran are flat
  • The Azure Span
  • Thaldraszus

While our maps are numbered, they only show an ideal route that takes into account elevations, first and subsequent locations, and subsequent maps. Users should feel free to deal with it however they see fit – all locations are matched with proper coordinates and names for use with GPS AddOns. The last snippet per waypoint is a command for AddOn TomTom, which will point you to the exact location of the waypoint.

Places called Waking Shores Dragon Glyph

Gamepur’s screenshot
  • 1 — Skytop Observatory Rostrum
    • Next to the Rostrum of Transformation, where you can customize your drake.
  • 2 — Skytop Observatory Tower
    • At the top of the Skytop Observatory. Soon after getting your drake, you’ll be taken here for a quick grab, but don’t feel like you need the easy way.
  • 3 — Collapsed Life Archway
    • Just inside the top of the arch.
  • 4 — Dragonheart Outpost
    • Inside the broken tower, under which the roof should be near the top.
  • 5 — Wingrest Embassy
    • Another collapsed tower, but shorter than Dragonheart Outpost.
  • 6 — Scalecracker Peak
    • Probably the highest Dragon Glyph in Waking Shores, this should be done. Try gliding at a low angle to regenerate Vigor, then climb again. Alternatively, look for platforms and walls along the southern face.
  • 7 — Lifebinder Observatory
    • Pass through the Scalecracker and get this glyph on the roof of the tower.
  • 8 — Obsidian Throne
    • On top of a lava lake, fell into the lava pool. This is a stressful one to get – make sure you have enough energy, and face immediately south after getting it so you don’t get burned.
  • 9 — Overflowing Spring
    • After the heat from the Obsidian Throne, it’s a simple scramble to the top of a short peak.
  • 10 — Obsidian Bulwark
    • On top of a stone pillar.
  • 11 — Ruby Life Pools Peaks
    • At the top of a mountain with several platforms to rest, if necessary.
  • 12 — Flashfrost Enclave
    • Go southeast from 11 and cover it above the cave entrance.

Places called Ohn’ahran Plains Dragon Glyph

Gamepur’s screenshot
  • 1 — Rubyscale Outpost
    • It can be hard to find since it sits between Waking Shores and Ohn’ahran, but stay on the path between the two and you’ll hit it on a bridge.
  • 2 — Mirewood Fen
    • Near the first main quest provider in Ohn’ahran.
  • 3 — Arrival of Rusza’thar
    • A few meters above the roof of the tower on a lonely hill.
  • 4 — Ohn’ahra’s Roost
    • Above figurehead inside Maruukai.
  • 5 — Nokhudon Hold
    • Fly directly from Ohn’ahra’s Roost to get it over the big mountain more easily.
  • 6 — Emerald Gardens
    • Above the start of a large waterfall.
  • 7 — Endless Kurgans
    • There isn’t much around this flying glyph, making it difficult to get unless you’ve upgraded your Dragonflight.
  • 8 — Szar Skeleth
    • Just below where the roof should be on this ruined tower.
  • 9 — Mirror of Heaven
    • Like the Eternal Kurgans, it hovers in the middle of nowhere.
  • 10 — Ohn’iri Springs
    • Another one in heaven. Easier to get from the Mirror of the Sky.
  • 11 — Rise of the Windsong
    • Above are some crop circle-like patterns, which fly well in the wind.
  • 12 — Dragonsprings Summit
    • In front of the dam. After collecting it, move south for the Azure Span.

The locations of the Azure Span Dragon Glyph

Gamepur’s screenshot
  • 1 — The Fallen Course
    • Hovering over a portion of the broken bridge.
  • 2 — Cobalt Assembly
    • Hovering over a spire. Be careful when you have to land – high level enemies run amok here.
  • 3 – Crossing the Forkriver
    • Above is a path that must be encountered during the main quest. Double check to make sure your map is in Azure Span when entering these coordinates.
  • 4 — Creektooth Den
    • On top of a broken tree, which can be difficult to find thanks to the foilage.
  • 5 — Brackenhide Hollow
    • Flying in the air, far from the ground.
  • 6 — Azure Archives
    • At the top of the giant structure — use the northern ledge to help gain height if necessary.
  • 7 — Zelthrak Outpost
    • High from the ground, hiding in the branches of a fir tree.
  • 8 — Imbu
    • Near the big, thin waterfall.
  • 9 — Ruins of Karnthar
    • At the top of the ruined tower.
  • 10 — Lost Ruins
    • Inside a tower inside the ruins.
  • 11 — Vakthros Range
    • Flying high above the frozen lake.
  • 12 — Kalthraz Fortress
    • Near the trees on a small butte.


Gamepur’s screenshot
  • 1 — Gate of the South Hold
    • Inside the top of the tower near the South Hold Gate.
  • 2 — Stormshroud Peak
    • Flying over the top of a big mountain.
  • 3 — Passage of Time
    • Hovering within a unique arc formed by the cliffs.
  • 4 — Viewed by Gelikyr
    • Above the bridge at Gelikyr Overlook.
  • 5 — Valdrakken
    • Above the peak of the Seat of the Aspects tower in Valdrakken.
  • 6 — Tyrhold
    • Near a glowing spire of Tyrhold, up to the sky.
  • 7 — Time Algether
    • Located on top of a tower spire.
  • 8 — Algeth’ar Academy
    • Inside the top of the tower, hovering near its roof. Look closely, this one is very well hidden.
  • 9 — Covered Ossuary
    • Inside the top of the tower, near the roof.
  • 10 — Vault of the Incarnate
    • Near the platform for the Dragonflight raid. Do yourself a favor and tap flightpath while you’re here.
  • 11 — Thaldraszus Apex
    • At the top of the largest mountain in Dragonflight. Patience, and understanding how Dragonriding works will see you to the top of this great peak.
  • 12 — Temporal Conflux
    • Inside the top of the tower, once again near the roof. A quick pass after Thaldraszus Apex.

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