Every Ultimate hero in Overwatch 2 and what they do

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Last in Overwatch 2 is the super ability of your hero. These moves can turn the tide of combat and steal victory for you in close situations when used correctly. Not only is it important to know what your character is doing when ulting, but you need to know what others are doing on the field with your teammates and enemies. Here is every Overwatch 2 Ultimate hero and what they do.

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All Overwatch 2 Ultimates explained

Amplification Matrix

Baptiste’s Ultimate gives him an energy screen that he and all of his teammates can cast to boost their damage and healing projectiles. Unfortunately, once the window is in place, it can’t be moved so you have to position it carefully to get the most out of it.


Ramattra enters his Nemesis Form and creates a field around him that drains the enemy’s health. As long as an enemy is affected in the area of ​​effect, the timer does not expire on this Ultimate.


Parah will stop wherever he is in the air and fire rockets. It can deal significant damage to anyone caught in its path, but leaves him open for a counterstrike.


Mei throws her robot partner, Snowball, which casts an icy ring that slows and freezes enemies for a few seconds.


Ashe calls his faithful companion BOB, who rushes forward until he hits a wall or an enemy. When he hits an enemy, he throws it in the air for Ashe to shoot and then he starts firing from his wrist blasters. He interacts with the point of any map.


Moira fires a constant beam that heals teammates and damages enemies while slowly healing herself. It works well when all grouped together and has a fairly long range which is particularly useful from a distance.

Configuration: Artillery

Bastion planted himself on the ground and fired three artillery strikes into the sky. You then choose where they land and deal damage to any enemy caught within the radius.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Dead eye

Cassidy goes into a standoff and starts looking at any enemies he sees. Once the red skull icons are filled, he can fire to eliminate that enemy instantly. He was very open for an attack at this time.

Death Blossom

The Reaper spun around rapidly firing its guns in all directions. Perfectly used when he jumps in the middle of the enemy team.


Genji drew his blade and began slashing at anyone nearby. He can use his other abilities to reach others and defend himself.


Hanzo fires an arrow that turns into two giant spinning dragons that travel through the walls and deal massive damage to anyone caught in their path.


Echo becomes an enemy and takes away all their abilities and health for the duration. He can also quickly charge up their Ultimate and can use it multiple times before he runs out of time or the enemy team depletes his new health pool.


Reinhardt punched the ground causing an explosion of energy that changed the ground. Any enemies caught in the way will be temporarily knocked down.


Sombra emits a radius of energy that hacks away at any enemies caught within. Also destroys shields and temporarily disables turrets and reduces enemy health.

Gravitational Flux

Sigma creates energy to capture enemies in a small area and lift them into the air. He then hits them back, dealing half of their maximum health as damage.

Graviton Surge

Zarya fires a small black hole that pulls in any nearby enemies for a duration. This is the best Ultimate for combining moves with teammates.


Widowmaker puts on her visor and reveals all the enemies to her companions. Especially useful for revealing the Shadow of Stealth.

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Kitsune Rush

Kiriko creates a path with her kitsune fox that gives all nearby allies faster movement speed, reload speed, faster fire rate, and reduced cooldown of abilities.

image via Blizzard

Meteor Strike

Doomfist leaps into the air and smashes into enemies in a radius. Enemies closer to the center of the area take more damage and are slowed.


The Wrecking Ball deploys a bunch of small mines that will detonate any orderly building enemies. However, they can also destroy mines by damaging them.

Molten Core

Torbjorn fires a barrage of molten lava that deals heavy damage to armor health, but still damages other health as well.

Nano Boost

Ana fires a needle that adds to any teammate she chooses. They take extra damage, resist enemy damage, and instantly heal for a fraction of health.


Sojourn’s rail cannon is charged quickly in time so he can fire it frequently. Shots also go through enemies.

Photon Barrier

Symmetra placed a large wall shield that spanned the entire map. Anyone can pass through it, but the wall itself is filled with a lot of health.

Primary Anger

Winston gets angry and starts hitting the enemies around. During this time, his health is greatly increased and his Jump Pack ability has a short cooldown period.

Pulse Bomb

Tracer throws a sticky bomb that can stick to enemies and deal a lot of damage when it explodes.

Image via Activision


Brigitte called on her team to join her as she gave all her friends in her radius temporary health.


The Junker Queen spun her weapons and rushed forward. Any enemies caught in his path are injured and cannot heal themselves temporarily. He also heals himself from wounds.


Junkrat pulled out a giant tire which he directed around the field and set to explode. During this time, he is open to being wiped out by enemies who find him, and RIP-Tire has a small health pool.

Self Destruction

D.Va jumped out of her MEKA as it began to overheat and explode, dealing massive damage to any nearby enemies. He can use this with his Booster ability to throw the mech somewhere.

Sound Barrier

Lucio hits the ground and gives anyone nearby a bunch of temporary health that drains quickly.

Tactical Visor

Soldier 76 activates his visor which auto locks on enemies allowing him to shoot them without missing. This time, he also reloaded almost immediately.

Terra Surge

Orisa activates Fortify and begins spinning a javelin that pulls in enemies. After a short charge, he hits the ground dealing damage to enemies.

Gamepur’s screenshot


Zenyatta is surrounded by a bright light that rapidly heals any teammate within that radius. At this time, he was invincible.


Mercy shoots her wings and flies freely around the area. During this time, his healing and damage beams will root nearby teammates and his gun has unlimited ammo without needing to be reloaded.

Whole pig

Roadhog reloaded his weapon and began cranking out scraps that pushed the enemies back. If you push them to a wall and get closer, the damage will be higher due to the reduced spread.

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