God of War Ragnarok Platinum Trophy guide – How to get a Platinum Trophy

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God of War Ragnarok has plenty of activities, from unexpected boss encounters to memorable Nine Realms side quests for players to dive into. compared to its predecessors the amount of content that Santa Monica Studios put into the game is huge. So, if players want to get the coveted Platinum trophy they have to play for a long time to get it. Here is a guide on how to get the Platinum trophy in God of War Ragnarok.

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God of War Ragnarok Platinum Trophy Roadmap and Guide

  • Total trophies: 36
  • Trophies based on difficulty: nothing
  • Unacceptable trophies: nothing
  • Estimated time to complete the game: 40-60 hours, depending on the difficulty
  • Estimated time to complete the story: 20-25 hours, depending on the difficulty
  • Minimum playthrough: 1

Although God of War Ragnarok is more forgiving compared to its predecessor in terms of platinum trophies, it is not easy. To get the Platinum trophy in God of War Ragnarok, it is important to get 100% completion of everything in the Nine Realms. This will take most of the time because each of the Realms is filled with different types of side quests on top of the main quests. This includes Nornir Chests, Legendary Chests, Armor sets, Relics, Ravens, Rune Scrolls, Books, and more. All of them are unique and skilled in their own way, so you will need time to pick them up one by one.

One task that will definitely take you a lot of time is getting everything Ravens of Odin. There is no specific trophy for collecting all the Ravens, but there is one for collecting all the Relics in the game. And one of them you get as a reward for defeating a boss, which can be used after you get all the Ravens. The main quest is estimated to take around 20 hours depending on the difficulty you choose. If you rush it, you will definitely complete it before then. However, it will take some time to get used to all the different types of enemies featured in the game. you also need to craft and upgrade some armor sets and weapons as well.

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There are also all kinds of bosses and mini-bosses for Kratos and his companions to take on, from wild alpha animals to literal Norse gods. They all have different skill sets and not to mention some of them have different types of forms during the encounter. In the previous game, the Valkyries were the main bosses of the side. In this game, they are replaced by Mighty Souls who is bigger and bigger, and more dangerous. Each of them has unique moves and attacks that you need to learn to defeat them.

While most of these events feel like a grind, God of War Ragnarok doesn’t feel monotonous because the game world is beautifully crafted and detailed. This makes exploration more profitable and makes Platinum Trophy grinding more profitable. And if you get bored, Mimir is always there to tell you riddles.

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