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by Square Enix paranormalist The horror mystery adventure game has six different endings depending on the various choices your protagonists make. Some are easy to hit. Others, however, will require a little more work on your part. Especially the real ending is quite avoidable. But this guide will help you see the story through to the end.

Although this guide will not mention any explicit details of the plot, it will still contain spoilers for paranormalist Conclusions Read below at your own risk.

Ending 1: Michiyo’s Grudge

In the “Seiman” chapter of the Yakko Sakazaki route, she and Mio meet Yutaro Namigaki after talking with Hideki Araishi. When the choice of going to school or talking to Yutaro comes up, choose to talk to him. This will unlock the ending for Michiyo’s Grudge.

Ending 2: The Remembrance of Nejima

In the “Manhunt” chapter of the route of Tetsuo Tsutsumi, he has a conversation with Nejima on the bridge. After the conversation, you will have the opportunity to move your camera. At this point, don’t look behind you at Ayame Tono. Instead, talk to Nejima to unlock Nejima’s Recall Ending.

Ending 3: The Legacy of Harue

In the “Last Resort” chapter of the Harue Shigima route, use the curse on Ayame during the conversation whenever you want. However, avoid topics related to smoking or tobacco. Ayame will find it suspicious and will have thrown away her lighter, preventing you from using Harue’s curse. After using your curse on Ayame, you unlock the end of Harue’s legacy.

Ending 4: Inspiration of Ayame

In the “Last Resort” chapter of the Harue Shigima route, you will have the opportunity to ask Ayame a series of questions. All these questions will lead to the same path in which Ayame asks if Harue is a bearer of a curse. Choosing “No” or “…” will unlock Ayame’s Inspiration ending.

Ending 5: Conclusion

In the “Handhunting” chapter of the Tetsuo Tsutsumi route, turn around after your conversation with Nejima and click on Ayame Tono. Tetsuo will talk to her. It doesn’t matter which dialog option you choose, or the order in which you choose them, during this interaction. Next, you must decipher the Yin scroll. The order is:

  1. The Taiko Drum Seal
  2. The stamp of the beech leaf
  3. the reed seal
  4. the carp seal
  5. the seal of light

After this, you will unlock the Conclusion ending.

Ending 6: Another Conclusion

This is the real secret ending. All previous chapters were left lit if you didn’t fully explore all the options, making it easy to see what paranormalist chapter you needed to play to see all the endings. However, the game doesn’t give you a direct visual clue about this one. To access it, go to “Kinshibori Park (Part 3)” in the Shogo Okiie chapter.

Select “Start by talking to Takumi”, but look to the right of the screen for the signal light. Make sure you don’t turn to Yoko. Interact with the Beacon Light, look back at Takumi and then look back at the Beacon Light. Click on it and when the game tells you, choose to tap on it.

Touching the signal light will unlock the “Cleaning” chapter for Shogo. The Storyteller will ask you some questions just to see if you really understand the story. Here are the correct answers:

  1. The beckoning light
  2. Shōgo
  3. Your name (like the name you entered when you started the game)

Finishing all of these will unlock the end of Another Conclusion. Once you’ve seen all six, congratulations! You witnessed all the endings that paranormalist must offer

paranormalist is available for Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

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