How to add background music to your Instagram stories

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The latest trend in social networks is Stories. From Facebook and Snapchat to WhatsApp or Instagram, almost all of them have this feature. The fun part about these stories is that they only stay for 24 hours and disappear shortly after.

Although Snapchat was the original pioneer of pictures are missingInstagram caught on and soon launched the successful instagram stories. As much fun to create stories as they are to watch them, wouldn’t it be great to have music as an added bonus to your Instagram stories?

In this post, we will explore two ways in which we can add music to Instagram stories. The first is through the Instagram app itself and the other is through a third-party app.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

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#1. via Instagram

Surely, you should know that Instagram stories capture sounds around you. For example, if you’re taking a video of a talking parrot, you don’t want to skip the sound, do you?

But of course, not all scenarios are as rosy as the previous ones. Most of the time, there is a cacophony of noise or none at all. Either way, the Instagram story feels empty.

If you ever find yourself caught in a situation like this, we have a clever and ingenious solution.

The Instagram app, itself, has the ability to extract sounds from the smartphone. So if you have a song playing in any music player like Spotify, Google Music or PowerAmp, the app can pull the song instantly.

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So the next time you want to have a song as background music for your Instagram story, just play the song on your smartphone, open Instagram and start capturing the story.

Since it will capture sounds from your phone’s microphone, it will also capture ambient sound from your environment. So remember to have as few sounds as possible.

#two. Through a third-party application

So, the above extends to snap stories. But not all stories are instant. Usually we already have pictures and videos and the only thing missing is the background music.

The application that comes to the rescue is InShot Video Editor.

Open the video through this app and trim as much as you need. When done, tap Music in the toolbar and select your songs.

Most of the songs are featured, while you can also grab some from your internal storage.

Add Music Instagram Stories 3 576X1024
Add Music Instagram Stories 4 576X1024

Once the music is selected, select the appropriate music volume levels and mute the original video volume. If you want, you can also choose to crossfade the music.

Note that the InShot app shrinks the video, so remember to fit the screen. Furthermore, you can also add stickers and text from the InShot app.

Now all you have to do is click on To save money and load the saved video as a Story for Instagram. See, as short and simple as possible.

What method is your favorite?

If you ask me, I see them as the second best method. Because it not only mutes or reduces the background noise of a video, but you can also put some really nice emojis in the video. But sometimes the first method proves to be the weapon of choice when you can’t do without amazing Instagram live stickers.

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