How to add photos or videos to Instagram stories from the gallery

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One of the most popular photo sharing apps, rivaled only by a few like Snapchat when it comes to features and none when it comes to the Facebook-owned app’s user base.

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Instagram recently updated its mobile web app version that now allows users to post photos, and thanks to the update, there’s also a workaround for posting photos via your PC to your Instagram feed.

First launched in August 2016 in a limited number of countries, Instagram Stories received an update with video integration when Live Stories launched globally in January 2017 and soon began to eclipse Snapchat’s popularity.

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Stories not only gave users extra space to share more about their lives, but also allowed them to do so without cluttering their Instagram profile post feed.

How to add photos/videos to Instagram stories from gallery or camera roll?

Adding photos and videos to Instagram stories from your gallery or camera roll is completely possible, but the key thing to remember here is that you can only upload photos or videos from your gallery that do not exceed in 24 hours.

Since the main focus of Instagram Stories is to show what happened in the last 24 hours, after that Stories disappear, allowing users to post older photos defeats the purpose of the feature. that Stories.

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Here are 4 simple steps to add photos/videos to Instagram Stories from Gallery.

  • Open the Instagram app and tap the ‘Home’ button. Find and click the ‘Camera’ icon or the ‘Your Story’ icon at the top left of the app window. Alternatively, you can swipe right to get to the Stories window faster.
  • While in the Live Stories photo capture window, swipe up or down on the screen.
  • After a second, you’ll see a carousel of photos (clicked or received in the last 24 hours) at the bottom of the screen with a blurred Live Stories window in the background.
  • Select the photo you want to post, add elements to your story, and upload it.

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