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The sixth end of a level boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty it is Zhang Rang, the corrupt eunuch. It can be a real boss curve, because it is actually one of many enemies, only one of which is the real boss that you have to defeat. What’s worse is that all of his doppelgangers will constantly throw spells at you, often coming from unexpected off-screen corners. It can be a tough fight, so here are some strategies to help you defeat Zhang Rang.

The way the battle works is that killing the clones will not only remove the real Zhang Rang, but it will also lower his maximum spirit meter so that you can more easily break and reproduce it. When you do, it will reset his spirit meter to normal. Note that you don’t need to kill all the clones to start dealing damage to the boss, but cutting them down will make it much easier to stun him and give you less attacks to worry about.

When the fight starts, don’t try to jump on the boss or its clones right away. Instead, back off and play defense. Try to save as many of them as possible to avoid being surprised. Then focus on stopping lightning and sword thrusts, as these help fill your spirit meter. When you have a large amount of spirit saved, spend it to kill a clone and move on to the next one. Watch out when they start finishing you off with a red critical strike attack, those are a high priority because stopping it will allow you to run that clone later.

When you killed about half of Zhang Rang’s clones in oh long, then go after the boss himself. You’ll be able to tell which one it is because the clones have health bars above their heads like regular enemies, while the boss only has his at the top of the screen. After getting the big hit, you can finish off the other clones for another easy answer. This is an optional strategy, but it saves you from having to work on your spirit gauge from scratch or wait for it to call them back.

The main boss himself is generally no more dangerous than the clones, but he has a few moves to watch out for. The big strike is where he charges his sword before plunging it into the ground for a large area attack that will fire at you if you get too close. He also launches magical tornadoes and when his clones are killed, he will perform a flying sword with a large, soaring wind. All of these are pretty easy to avoid if you keep your distance, so stay back and wait for him to make attacks that are easier to parry.

As a final note, lightning strikes oh long they are attributed to Wood’s Wu Xing phase. Perhaps confusingly, this means that Zhang Rang’s lightning is countered by Metal Phase spells and will counter Earth Phase spells in turn. It’s not endgame if you’ve invested heavily in the Ground Phase stats, but be aware that subscriptions like ‘Improved Defense’ will be removed if you get hit by lightning. Keep these tips in mind and you shouldn’t have too much trouble defeating Zhang Rang Go long.

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