How to become a BitLife lawyer

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The path to becoming a lawyer and learning how the law works is not as difficult as it sounds at BitLife. You just need a character with a high level of intelligence, and you can influence that before they enter college. The big hurdle is making sure you follow the right path to open the right doors to become a lawyer, and potentially a judge. Here’s what you need to know about how to become a BitLife lawyer

How to get a BitLife lawyer job

The path for your character to become a lawyer begins before college. You want to increase their intelligence whenever you can, which means visiting the library, reading books, or studying hard in school. When you graduate from high school and apply to a university, you want to make sure that you are applying to study law. You can try applying for a scholarship or see if your parents will pay for your education. If they can’t, you will have to take out a loan.

You have to study hard every year while studying law at university. If your smarts stat is above 90%, you don’t need to increase it further by reading books or visiting libraries, but this is a good way to increase this stat. After graduation, you want to pursue a higher education and attend law school. It’s like studying at university where you want to study hard every year and avoid trouble.

By completing law school, your character can apply for a junior associate in a law firm. With high enough intelligence and all the education you have completed, you should be accepted for the role. You can advance your career to eventually become a partner in practice. Becoming a partner is the highest you can do in this career. However, if you remain a lawyer for 30 years, you can apply for a Magistrate role at the head of the municipality and eventually become a judge.

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