How to complete BitLife’s Dirty Jobs Challenge

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There are several challenges that BitLife developers will post that will make you jump through a lot of hoops to get the reward at the end. For the Dirty Jobs challenge, you have to accept some unusual jobs that will make you work as a form of a sanitation worker, doing jobs that no one else wants to do. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete BitLife’s Dirty Jobs Challenge.

All Dirty Jobs Challenge tasks at BitLife

These are all the tasks you need to complete if you want to complete the Dirty Jobs challenge at BitLife.

Each job requires you to work at it for at least 10 years. The most difficult to catch is the lawyer. You want to make sure you have a character with a high level of Smarts stats, and they do well in school during their time in high school, college, and Law School, which they can only get into if they do well in college. It costs a lot, but you can do it with a lawyer. Once you’ve finished Law School, a career as a Lawyer should be an option for you, and you can pursue this role at any firm.

After being a lawyer for 10 years, you must become a Porta Potty Pumper, Plumber, roadkill remover, and porn set janitor. All of these roles are ones you can do without a college degree. The problem with finding them in the available jobs listed is that you have to close BitLife, restart it, and then review the job page to see if there is one. Turning off BitLife will refresh the page full-time without costing your character a year of their life. We recommend this method.

Once your character has completed every job for 10 years, they will have completed the challenge, you will receive a random looking item.

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