How to complete the Most Wanted event in Fallout 76

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As you explore the desolate Appalachia in Fallout 76, you’ll find events that you can take part in. Some of these events will give you to clear wild animals while others will require you to steal loot from the townspeople of an old western village. The Most Wanted event makes you the bad guy as you make out like a bandit after robbing a blind man in town. Just don’t let the robot cops ruin your heist. This guide will show you how to complete the Most Wanted event in Fallout 76.

Most Wanted even Fallout 76 guide

The Most Wanted event was added to Fallout 76 during the Nuka-World on Tour update and takes place in the Nuka-World on Tour map section of the Ash Heap region. The location of the event is the old part of the city in the west of the Nuka-World area which consists of many old western style buildings and a fake horse-drawn carriage in the center. Your goal during the event is to steal 600 Buckaroos from people and put them in the getaway wagon.

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Once the event begins, search the town for safeties. It can be seen in different sections of the buildings and can also be held in the cut trees similar to the cities. You will know if a safe can be stolen from thanks to the green light that appears above it. After stealing some Buckaroos, take them to the getaway wagon and despot them. While you’re hunting for loot, you’ll also be attacked by Protectrons.

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After you and your teammates have collected 600 Buckaroos from towns and buildings and deposited the money in the wagon, you must protect the getaway wagon from enemies. Proteins flood the area. Defend the theft within a minute and you will be victorious. You can get many different items and plans as rewards for this event. There are also two legendary weapons you can get called Gunther’s Big Iron and Western Spirit.

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