How to complete the quest A Space Ranger Reputation in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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You have built a Space Ranger base in Dreamlight Valley and Buzz wants to go further. Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with quests for you to complete and if you’re friends with Buzz Lightyear, there’s always something to do. Buzz’s reputation is on the line and only you have the ability to restore his good name. This guide will show you how to complete the A Space Ranger Reputation quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

A guide to finding the Space Ranger Reputation in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After helping Buzz on his previous quest called A Space Ranger Recruit, he notices that Ursula is useless. Talk to Buzz and he wants to confront Ursula about her wrongdoing. Watch Buzz as he fails to scare Ursula and talks to her afterwards. To restore the good name of the Space Rangers, you need to make some flyers. To do this, you need to get some Playing Cards from Bonnie’s Room.

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Return to the Toy Story realm and find the Playing Cards. They can be found in the following places:

  • Inside the book placed against the wicker chest at the foot of the bed
  • Inside the blue book in the corner behind the race track
  • Inside the red book with the Easter Egg next to the fence

After getting the Playing Cards, go back to Buzz in Dreamlight Valley. Buzz will ask you to gather some paper. You will find the paper needed for the Leaflets in Mickey, Merlin, and Donald’s houses.

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Once you have collected all the papers, go to a crafting table and make Buzz Lightyear Leaflets. Talk to Buzz and he will ask you to take Leaflets to some residents of the town. Take the leaflets to Maui, Ursula, and Donald. Return to Buzz when you have given out all the Leaflets. This will complete the quest.

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