How to fix crash issues in Sons of the Forest

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Nothing gets frustrating when trying to play a game but it crashes all the time. Some players have complained about Children of the Forest having a lot of issues and crashes. The biggest issue with this is the progress that is lost. This is because if the game crashes, you will continue from your last save. If you are one of the players facing this issue, continue reading our guide to learn how to fix the crash in Children of the Forest.

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How to fix Sons of the Forest crash issues on PC

Before trying to fix the issue, make sure your PC has the necessary components to run Children of the Forest. If your system does not meet the game’s minimum system requirements, it may lag or keep crashing. But if your system is fine, feel free to proceed with the methods mentioned below.

Update your GPU drivers

Games often crash due to outdated GPU drivers. Some players often forget to update their drivers and then complain about facing issues while playing. To make sure you have the latest GPU drivers installed, download your dedicated GPU app, such as Nvidia GeForce Experience or AMD Radeon Software. These applications will notify you when a new update is available. If so, don’t waste time installing it.

Close background apps

If you are running many applications in the background while playing Sons of the Forest, the system will not be able to assign the right resources to the game, which may cause it to eventually crash. If you have a habit of opening heavy software in the background while playing games, try to avoid doing so. This will put a lot of burden on your system.

Update or reinstall the game

Many of you don’t know this, but your game files can get corrupted in some cases. If this happens, your game will perform poorly or keep crashing. This can be fixed by updating the game or reinstalling it. But if you have already updated it to the latest version, remove Sons of the Forest from your Steam library and install it again.

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We know; not everyone can download the game again due to limited internet capabilities, but this is not the only way to fix corrupted files. Steam also has an option to repair game files, which can be done by going to Children of the Forest in the Steam Library and accessing the Properties menu. There, you can click on ‘Verify integrity of game files’ to fix it. However, it doesn’t work in some cases, so you have to rely on its installation.

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