How to get a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

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In Minecraft, Conduits are objects that not only allow you to breathe underwater around them but also damage any enemy mobs that enter their radius. In addition, you can mine faster and see its radius better. This makes Conduit a necessity if you’re mining ocean biomes or other water-filled areas. However, Conduit can only be made with one key ingredient that can be hard to find. Here’s how to find and get a Sea Heart in Minecraft.

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Where to find a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

The Heart of the Sea is something you need to find in your Survival world if you want to create a Conduit. You cannot make one, and the item is not dropped by mobs or sold by villagers. Instead, you have to find it in a buried treasure chest.

Before you can find a buried treasure chest, you need to find a sunken ship. As you may have guessed, shipwrecks can be found underwater in marine biomes, but they also have the opportunity to spawn on beaches and other areas of land near water. For better vision, try using Potion of Night Vision to help you see easily in dark water. While moving around the ocean, feed the Dolphin Raw Cod or Raw Salmon and they will lead you to the nearest buried treasure or shipwreck.

If you find a shipwreck, search around it for a Chest containing a Treasure Map. Look at the map and follow it to the X to find another Chest buried underground.

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A Sea Heart is in the chest which you can combine with eight Nautilus Shells to create a Conduit. There is no other use for Heart of the Sea, at least as of this writing.

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