How to get Drifloon Gas in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Gathering the various resources to create the TMs of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet can be a task that takes a long time, especially if the Pokémon that provides the resource is harder to find. This is the case with Drifloon and Drifblim, which give you Drifloon Gas for defeating them, although there isn’t much use for it. This is where you can get Drifloon Gas in Pokémon Scarlet.

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Where to get Drifloon Gas in Pokémon Scarlet

Unfortunately for people who play the Violet version, Drifloon, and its evolution Drifblim, appear exclusively in Pokémon Scarlet. That said, that’s the only game that gets Drifloon Gas.

Luckily, Drifloon can often be seen in a wide area in Pokémon Scarlet, but only at night. They like to be near mountainous areas and towns, so just look around the areas highlighted in the picture of its habitat during the night and you should find it eventually. Sometimes they also travel in groups with a Drifblim in the middle.

You can earn Drifloon Gas by catching or defeating these wild Pokémon in a battle. When fighting, we recommend countering them with Dark, Electric, Ice, or Rock attacks. This will do more damage to them and make them disappear quickly. They are also weak to Ghost, but you can be hit by them as well. Don’t attack with Normal or Fighting because they are Ghost Pokémon and that will have no effect. To gather resources faster, use R’s auto battle.

As of this writing, Drifloon Gas does not have any TMs required for manufacturing. Instead, you can trade them for Pokémon Dollars or League Points to buy other items in stores. Unless there are some additional TMs in the future for this, it will remain a way to earn more money.

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