How to get Family of Three and Family of Four in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Maushold is a new Normal-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, a deceptively simple evolution for a simple Pokémon. Maushold evolves from Tandemaus, which are actually two doll-like mice paired together. Known as the “couple Pokémon,” Tandemaus channels other “hive mind” Pokémon like Magneton or Exeggcute. When Tandemaus becomes Maushold, there is not a dramatic change in appearance. In essence, all that happens is two small mice join the pack, creating Pokémon Maushold.

For most players who evolve Tandemaus, the Family of Four form is what they see. However, there is a rare alternative form known as the Family of Three form. As the name implies, the number of rats in the Maushold family has decreased from four to three.

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How to get a Family of Three Households

the Family of Four Maushold is the most common variant, and you should expect to get this form as you change your Tandemaus. Getting the Family of Three Households will likely require some grinding. The truth is, to get the Family of Three Households, you need luck. Different numbers are reported throughout the community, but the most common number thrown around is about a 1/25 chance of getting the Family of Three.

Reddit players have also reported that you can take out the Family of Three Maushold forms through Maushold attacks. These attacks do not follow the same calculations used to determine whether your Household is a Family of Four or a Family of Three. As a result, this can be a more consistent way to get your Family of Three Maushold (finding a specific Maushold attack in the first place can be a bigger challenge.)

Note: Different forms do not have different stats. The difference is purely visual, like a Shiny Pokémon, so don’t worry about making your Maushold weaker or stronger.

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