How to get Seraphic Umbral Energy in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph brings a lot of new currency and another return to the seasonal progression model we know and love. One such currency is Seraphic Umbral Energy, and it is exactly what you would expect. You take it to the seasonal vendor, HELM’s Exo Frame, exchange it to the Umbral Focusing screen, and spend the Energy to focus Umbral Engrams for Seasonal use. Actually getting Seraphic Umbral Energy is also pretty straightforward. Here’s how.

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Where to get Seraphic Umbral Energy in Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph

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There are only three ways to obtain Seraphic Umbral Energy. The first is to unlock locked Seraph Chests at the end of a Heist Battleground event, and you need 500 Seraph Keys to do so. Opening a chest will receive 10 Seraphic Umbral Energy, and you can hold 300 units in your inventory at the same time. You’ll want to farm more Seraph Keys through Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible, so you can spend less time going back and forth between core ritual activities and the Heist Battlegrounds.

The second way to get Seraphic Umbral Energy is locked behind the Exo Frame Module seasonal progression system.

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After spending three Modules, you can unlock the Umbral Activities upgrade, which makes it possible to earn Seraphic Umbral Energy by completing Raids, Dungeons, Dares of Eternity, and non-Seasonal playlist activities. Note that this upgrade does not allow each completion of the activity to grant Energy; it just opens up the possibility.

The final source of Seraphic Umbral Energy comes after you complete the one-week seasonal story, where returning to the Exo Frame gives you the opportunity to obtain a seasonal Engram, a Resonant Stem, or Energy. Choose wisely, because once you take one, the other two are out of reach.

Events outside of Heist Battlegrounds tend to reward less Seraphic Umbral Energy than Seasonal events. However, since some of them can be faster than Battlegrounds, everything comes out in the wash. In the first week, you want to farm as much Energy as you can so that when you unlock the ability to focus on Seasonal weapons, you can grind not for materials but for the best weapons that offered.

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