How to get the Maiden’s Blood in the Elden Ring

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The Elden Ring has many quests for you to complete, most of which are triggered by visiting an NPC. In these quests, you will be given different tasks, including finding different things. During the White Mask Varre quest line, you need to find Miaden’s Blood. Since it can be difficult to find specific items in the vast area that covers The Lands Between, we’ve put together a guide on how to get the Blood of the Maiden in the Elden Ring.

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Where to find the Blood of the Maiden in the Elden Ring

Without obtaining the Maiden’s Blood, you will not be able to progress in the White Mask Varre quest line. This is because, at some point, Varre will entrust you to the Lord of the Blood Favor and ask you to find the Maiden’s Blood and soak the item in it. Fortunately, there are two places where you can get it.

First location

The first location where you can find Maiden’s Blood in the Elden Ring is the Church of Inhibition. We recommend getting it from here instead of the second location because it’s easy to find and has no enemies. However, keep in mind that the Festering Fingerprint Vyke may invade the area, and you will need to fight him before continuing.

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When you enter the Church of Inhibition, you will find a dead Maiden near the Site of Grace. You can join him to absorb the Lord of Blood Favor in his blood.

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Second location

Alternatively, you can get the Maiden’s Blood from the Chapel of Anticipation. This is where you first spawn in the game. To visit it, you must first go to the Four Belfries and get an Imbued Swordskey from a chest at the top of a teleportation tower at the top of the hill, which is to the left of the tower that gives you access to the Chapel of Anticipation . Then, use the key to access the location.

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Once there, use the bridge to go forward and then turn left. Continue forward until you cross another bridge, and then take the stairs on the left to reach a room. Inside this room, you will see the dead body of a Maiden on the left side. Interact with him to soak the item in his blood.

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