How to make a Children of the Forest Scarecrow

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Children of the Forest has all kinds of things you can do. Some of these, like shelters and traps, are necessary to keep you alive, while others are more for decorative purposes. One of them is the Scarecrow, which not only gives your base a terrifying look but also serves other purposes. Below, we’ll talk about how to make a Children of the Forest Scarecrow.

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How to make a Children of the Forest Scarecrow

Fortunately, unlike other structures that require you to cut down a lot of wood or get hard-to-find items, the Scarecrow is easy to build using just a few materials. You only need 14 Sticks and 4 pieces of Duct Tape to build it. Sticks can be found on the ground throughout the forest. If you can’t find it, you can cut small trees. This will give you enough Sticks to build the Scarecrow. As for Duct Tape, it can be found as regular loot all over the map, but you should try to find it inside Crates. It’s also around the crash site where you first spawn in the game.

After you get the materials in your inventory, open your Crafting Book and switch mode. With the book in your left hand, navigate to Utilities and find the Scarecrow. Then, place it wherever you want, and get close to it. You can start placing Sticks and Duct Tape on it by pressing the ‘E’ key.

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The Scarecrow is something that will help you stay safe, because it can be a trick. If there is a Scarecrow nearby, the cannibals will become confused and start attacking it. You can use this time to escape, heal, or attack cannibals.

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