How to play Hide and Seek mode in Among Us

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Long after the community created rules for a new game mode in Among Us called Hide and Seek, Innersloth has put out an update to expand on the ideas and officially make it part of game. As is the case when people play it themselves, Hide and Seek is different from the usual game you see in the game but still brings the high tension moments that you love. Here’s what you need to know about playing Hide and Seek Among Us.

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How to win Hide and Seek in Among Us

Hide and Seek with Us A game with a selection of Imposters who find Crewmates at whatever level they are on. They win if they kill all Crewmates before time runs out. Crewmates win if at least one person remains at the end. Once the Crewmates complete the tasks, the timer will count down faster. The Impostor is often distinguished from others by having a big mouth.

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A second timer called Final Hide starts when the initial timer expires. During this time, the Impostor gets a speed boost and can see momentary pings where anyone has survived. Those rules are always the same in every match, but you can change different rules like kill timer, sight distance, ping timers, etc.

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By default, all players have a small cone of vision to make situations more tense. The crewmates will know the Impostor is near when the music gets louder and more ominous and the meter above doesn’t fill up. Unlike regular mode, Impostor can’t go through holes, but Crewmates can several times in just a few seconds.

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If the Impostor kills a Crewmate, they will no longer be able to complete tasks to help lower the timer. They are simply made spectators for the rest of the round, where they can click the Haunt button so the game can automatically follow any player in the match.

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If you have a group of friends, we recommend playing Hide and Seek with them in a Discord chat. Be sure to make it a rule not to reveal the location of players in the chat, but you can have fun letting the Impostor speak threateningly while they search for Crewmates.

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