How to replace Apple Music Connect playlists

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The Connect feature in Apple Music lets you follow your favorite artists and see what they’re up to, but if it’s something you don’t really use, here’s how to replace Apple Music Connect with a tab that Playlists, which can be more useful. by the way. .

By default, whenever you add an artist to your music library, Apple Music lets you automatically follow that artist in Connect, which isn’t a big problem if you use Connect and plan to follow it anyway, but it is an unnecessary feature. yes no I don’t plan to use Connect. Fortunately, you can disable that automatic feature.

There are many things in Apple Music that some users may not like, or there are things that could be improved, which is not too surprising considering that Apple Music is a very new piece of software from Apple, but it will be better. over time for sure.

As for Apple Music Connect, you can’t actually turn it off, but you can remove the Connect tab at the bottom and replace it with something more useful to you.

Here’s how to replace Apple Music Connect with the playlists tab.

How to get rid of Apple Music Connect

Surprisingly, it’s theoretically very easy to disable Apple Music Connect, as Apple has a built-in setting that you can enable natively.

At the bottom of the Apple Music app you have five tabs: For You, New, Radio, Connect, and My Music, but you can remove the Connect tab without any special iOS tricks.

To do this, you’ll need to enable Restrictions in the settings by going to the Settings app and then navigating to .

From there, tap Enable Restrictions at the top and enter a passcode. You will need this access code every time you want to access Restrictions in the future. This is also required if you want to disable Restrictions at any time. This passcode may be different from your iPhone’s primary passcode.

After that, scroll down a bit and find . Press the toggle switch on the right. It will change from green to gray, which means it’s turned off.

From there, you can return to the Apple Music app and the Connect Now tab will disappear, and in its place will be a new Playlists tab, giving you faster access to your playlists.

This is especially useful if you rely heavily on playlists for your music rather than just the My Music section, and at the same time you get rid of the Connect section you won’t use anymore.

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