How to sell cars in Need for Speed ​​Unbound

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Money is important in Need for Speed ​​Unbound for many reasons. Not only is money needed to upgrade cars and customize vehicles, but money is also needed for the qualifier events that take place during the single-player campaign. One way to make money in Need for Speed ​​​​Unbound is to sell cars obtained throughout the campaign. So, how do you sell cars on Unbound? Let’s go over what you need to know.

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Where to sell cars in Need for Speed ​​​​Unbound

The Need for Speed ​​​​Unbound player, on average, can sell cards twice a week. Exceptions are traditionally on Saturdays, when there are big events. On Saturdays, there is usually an opportunity to buy or sell cars.

To trade a card, you must return to the Garage or one of the safehouses. Remember that if you enter either or, it will simulate the next part of the campaign. If you have outstanding races to complete, don’t come back until they’re done.

Once back in the Garage, select the ‘Rides’ icon. Then, click on ‘Buy and Sell’ to check all eligible cars that can be bought or sold. To find the cars you own, cycle through RB/R1 until the ‘Sell’ tab is reached. Then, you can sell the owned cars for cash.

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Players can sell cars for around 60% of what the car is worth on the market. Although this is not important for cars acquired through the game, keep this fact in mind when selling previously purchased cars.

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