How to unlock and use Snipewriter 5H in Splatoon 3

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The Splatoon 3 Chill Season has launched and given us a chance to play with some new weapons in our quest for inky dominance. As part of this new season, players can purchase a new charger-style weapon called the Snipewriter 5H from Sheldon at Ammo Knights. If you’re wondering how to add this new weapon to your arsenal and how to use it, here’s everything we know about Snipewriter 5H in Splatoon 3.

How to unlock Snipewriter 5H in Splatoon 3

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Chill Season brings with it many new weapons and other rewards, including this cool-looking charger. You can unlock the Snipewriter 5H the same way you would any other weapon. Visit Sheldon at Ammo Knights in Splatsville and he’ll give you a rundown of every weapon you have. Unless you are in the market to spend a Golden Sheldon Ticket, or three regulars, the Snipewriter 5H cannot be purchased until you reach level 16. Once you reach the correct level, simply visit Ammo Knights and purchase the Snipewriter 5H for the low price of a Sheldon Ticket.

Snipewriter 5H statistics

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The Snipewriter 5H is a charger style weapon but with a little twist. Holding down the ZR button builds up the charge, allowing the weapon to hold five separate shots in one charge. On a full charge, the weapon’s base damage is 60, which drops to between 40 and 60 on a partial charge.

The sub-weapon for the Snipewriter 5H is the Sprinkler, which allows players to place some much-needed covering fire in areas, and its special is the Tacticooler, which provides valuable buffs to allies.

How to use Snipewriter 5H

While this new weapon offers an increased rate of fire over other charger-style weapons in Splatoon 3, there is a trade-off. Each of the five shots is less powerful than other chargers, meaning it doesn’t block Splatterscope’s ability. With this in mind, the Snipewriter 5H is best suited for a support and cover role.

Once the weapon is loaded, repeatedly press the ZR button to unload the stored shots. Note that, like many other chargers in the Splatoon series, you cannot store the charge. Once you start shooting, you cannot stop or you will lose any unspent shots. Take advantage of the range of the Snipewriter 5H and hang back, hide the enemies of your allies with rollers and sloshers so that they can enter and mark the territory.

The Sprinkler sub-weapon is well suited to this support role, allowing players to throw ink in all directions when things get tight. Place it in the middle of the battle and watch the other side scatter. When your special charge is sent it, because the drinks inside the Tacticooler will help turn the tide of battle.

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