How to use multiple accounts on Apple TV

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Apple TV lets you sign in with your Apple ID to access all your media, like TV shows, movies, and even music from Apple Music. However, if you have multiple Apple users in your household, here’s how to use multiple Apple TV accounts and switch between them.

The ability to have multiple Apple ID accounts has been added as a new feature to the new fourth generation Apple TV, allowing not only you to access your media, but other people in the household as well.

The new Apple TV was launched last year and is a major overhaul of the previous model. This is not too surprising considering that Apple has not touched the Apple TV since 2012.

The new model has faster guts, a new user interface, Siri capabilities, gaming support, and an all-new remote with a built-in trackpad for navigation, instead of the D-pad which was on the previous remote. .

If you live with other people in your household (which is probably the case in many households), you will definitely benefit from the ability to store multiple accounts on the new Apple TV. Here’s how to use multiple accounts on Apple TV and switch between them.

Add another Apple ID account

After you’ve set up your Apple TV by adding your own Apple ID account and ending any other features, you can still add another Apple ID account to your Apple TV in settings.

To do this, navigate to .

From there select .

On the next page, enter the email address associated with the Apple ID you want to add. Next, you enter the password for that account, and then press .

That’s all it takes to add another account to the new Apple TV.

switch between accounts

This is where it gets a little tricky, because you can’t have two Apple ID accounts signed in to the Apple TV at the same time, so you have to switch between them.

Switching between accounts is really easy, but not as easy as you think, and it’s also not the best solution for having multiple Apple ID accounts, especially if you switch between them often.

Simply browse and select the account you want to use, based on the displayed email address.

From here, Apple TV will download media from that account and make it available to watch or listen to. GameCenter data will also be available for that account, so when you play, you’ll get all your data from your own account, instead of using someone else’s information.

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