How to watch NFL playoffs live on iPhone

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If you want to watch the NFL playoffs, but can’t get near a TV to catch the action, here’s how to watch the NFL playoffs live on iPhone.

The NFL recently announced that all playoff games, including Super Bowl 50 and the 2016 Pro Bowl, will be streamable on the iPhone while on the go. If this is something that interests you, then read on.

Note that there are some caveats and other drawbacks to be aware of, as streaming live sports isn’t easy (and likely won’t be for the foreseeable future).

Now there are only four teams left, as the Texans, Bengals, Vikings, Redskins, Chiefs, Packers, Seahawks, and Steelers are out, and now it’s time for the remaining teams to battle.

This weekend, the Broncos and Patriots face off, as well as the Panthers and Cardinals. The winner of each game will advance to the Super Bowl, where the two remaining teams will compete for the championship.

The NFL playoffs are a one-game elimination, so the winner of this weekend’s games will advance to the next rounds, meaning everyone needs to bring their A-game to compete in the Super Bowl.

If you’re not near a TV during these games, here’s how to watch the NFL playoffs on iPhone.

There are several apps that stream NFL playoff games. Here are all the apps and services that will be broadcast live:

The NFL mobile app will stream every playoff game for Verizon customers. While the app is available on non-Verizon devices, only Verizon customers can live stream all games for free.

The Broncos vs Patriots game as well as Super Bowl 50 will be available to stream live using the CBS Sports app. Users can also go to to stream the games live on their computer, and access is even available on Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Windows 10, iPad, and Android tablets.

The NFC Championship game between the Cardinals and Panthers will be available to stream live on iPhone via the FOX Sports GO app. However, that’s the only game you can watch through the app.

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The 2016 Pro Bowl will be available to stream using the WatchESPN app.

Of course the best option is the NFL Mobile app for Verizon customers as they will be able to stream all the games even without a cable subscription which is great but all the above options are free but may require a cable subscription depending on service.

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