How to win as an Impostor in Among Us Hide and Seek

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Among Us introduces a new Hide and Seek mode, where the Impostor tries to find all the Crewmates and kill them. There are two main differences between Hide and Seek and the typical Among Us experience (known as Classic Mode). First, the Impostor is known to the players before, and it takes 10 seconds before the Impostor starts. Second, you cannot kill or vote out the Impostor; they are invincible and can kill Crewmates without consequence.

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Impostor seems invincible, but you can lose a lot of games because you don’t get much time to practice. An inexperienced Impostor can easily lose games, with Crewmates running around them. Here are some tips to help you win as an Impostor, forcing Crewmates to take you seriously.

1) Always keep moving

Crewmates can see how close they are to the Impostor using their Danger Meter. It doesn’t tell them which direction the Impostor is coming from, which you can take advantage of. Keep moving around the stage, and you’ll run into some Crewmates who have gambled. They are easy to pick out and won’t escape you easily when you see them.

You can also quickly scan rooms to find Crewmates doing tasks, which tend not to run and make for easy targets.

2) Be prepared to use the “Kill” option immediately.

The crew will do anything to avoid the Impostor, but sometimes they get caught. Their best bet for survival is to run away or hide, hoping the Impostor doesn’t manage to kill them right away.

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The Impostor sometimes has a short window to use the “Kill” option before the Crewmate runs out. Always keep the “Kill” option within reach to quickly take out Crewmates you encounter. That makes you deadlier and harder to avoid, since being spotted by you is almost always a death sentence.

3) Wait in the vents if a Crewmate is hiding inside them

The crew can hide inside the vents to avoid the Impostor, and it cannot be bypassed. While a Crewmate is in the vent, an Impostor cannot touch them even if they know a Crewmate is there. Fortunately, a Crewmate can only hide holes a few times, and the hiding only lasts a few seconds. When the time limit expires, the Crewmate will be forced out of the hole.

A Crewmate will be defenseless once this happens, giving the Impostor the perfect opportunity to attack. This is one of the few times that staying still is a smart move for an Impostor. You lose a few seconds, but getting a Crewmate is worth the sacrifice.

4) Use the “Seek” map when it appears

As Crewmate numbers dwindle, it can be difficult to track down survivors, especially on large maps. Fortunately for the Impostor, they get a new tool in their arsenal when some time passes. This appears as the “Search” option, and works similarly to the Crewmate map. The big difference is that it shows you the location of any living Crewmates, marked with a small Crewmate icon.

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The Impostor can also see themselves on the map, giving them an idea of ​​the distance between them and the Crewmate. It doesn’t show you a real-time position though; it just gives you the Crewmate’s current location. It can move when the Crewmate moves to another location, such as going to another room to complete a task. But it’s a great way to keep track of your remaining Crewmates, making sure you know where they are at all times.

5) Watch for heat marks during Final Hide

The Final Hiding represents the final countdown before the Impostor is defeated. They only have 60 seconds to kill any remaining Crewmates or it’s their victory. To help them, the Impostor gains increased movement speed and red heat marks that appear on the screen. Heat markers show the position of a Crewmate, and it is faster than using the “Seek” map if they are close.

You will outrun any Crewmates during the Final Hideout, and this is your chance to take them down. Heat markers are great for finding Crewmates hiding in vents, even if you want to reach them before they go inside.

Playing as an Impostor can be difficult because you are not always given a choice. But with some practice and using the above tips, you can easily get your winnings as an Impostor during Hide and Seek Mode.

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