How X Battles work in Splatoon 3

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If you’re one of the best ranked players in the Splatoon games, you’ve reached a point where the game puts you in Rank X battles. This is a different set of rankings that rely on X Ranking instead of the usual rank meter you will see before that point. This version of the competitive ladder resets every month, so you have to prove that you still belong there. Now that X Battles and X Ranking are back in Splatoon 3, here’s how they work.

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What is X Battle in Splatoon 3?

X Battle is a competitive mode that allows players who have reached a minimum rank of S+0 or higher in Anarchy Battles. This mode runs separately from Anarchy Battles and is decided by a separate rank instead of the X Rank being decided directly by Anarchy Battles. Also, each battle mode in Splat Zones and Tower Control has their separate X Ranking. X Power rankings are adjusted after every three wins or three losses. With the monthly reset of Anarchy Battles, you must have an Anarchy Battle rank of at least S+0 at the end of the previous season to get instant access to X Battle in the next season. The X war seasons last for three months at a time.

In X Battle, you’ll play the same modes as Anarchy Battles, but it’s a separate matchmaking process. You still have access to Anarchy Battles if you want to go back to that. As in normal Anarchy Battles, you have to sacrifice X Power, the new X Rank numerical system that decides your placement with other players. If you reach the top 500 list of players with the most X Power, you will be recognized. There are two divisions that make up X Battles. The Tentatek Division is made up of players from the Americas and Europe while the Takoroka Division is made up of players from Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. The division you join is decided where you play during your first X Battle of the season and cannot be changed until the next season starts.

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