Instagram: how to get notified when someone posts

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Even though Instagram-owned photo-sharing app Instagram has been accused of blatantly copying features from its competitor Snapchat, there’s no denying the fact that it boasts a larger user base than its competitors.

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Now that Instagram is such a big place and there are so many people and pages to follow, you might miss an update from someone you love seeing posts from someone near and dear.

Instagram’s feed works similar to Facebook’s feed algorithm, which means it can prioritize posts from Pages that engage with you over those from your friends who rarely post and you can even miss that one. publication “rare”.

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Now, to avoid missing out on updates from people you really want to hear from, it’s a good idea to turn on notifications for that profile through your Instagram app.

How to activate notifications for an Instagram profile?

Just scroll through the feed and find a post from the person or page in question or just find their profile and go there.

Once you are in any of these areas, press the ‘three dots’ menu on the right side of the post or profile.

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Find the ‘Turn on post notifications’ option in the dropdown menu and tap it.

That’s all. Now, whenever a person or Page updates their profile with a new photo or video, you’ll get a notification for the same. Rest assured, you will never miss an update from them again.

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This is applicable to the Instagram app on Android and iOS devices.

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