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Lego and LucasFilm announced a new series of Indiana Jones-themed Lego games on Monday, the first for the franchise in a decade. The award-winning build, “Escape from the Lost Tomb”, is based on one of the most iconic moments of 1981. looking for the lost chest when Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, Jr. falls into the Well of Souls during his race to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Third Reich, only to find himself confronted by a host of snakes and venomous cobras.

The 600-piece set, which goes on sale next month and will retail for $39.99, includes elements of an underground temple, including the entrance and an ancient wall adorned with two looming Anubis statues, one of which collapses to reveal a secret passage. Additionally, the set also includes several new minifigures, including Indy, Marion Ravenwood, Sallah, and a scary mummy, not to mention the Ark of the Covenant. Two additional locations, “Fighter Plane Chase” and “Temple of the Golden Idol” recreate other key moments from Steven Spielberg’s film.

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The first officially licensed. An Indiana Jones-themed Lego set launched in 2008, linked to a 2008 release Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and canceled the following year. The same year saw the release of Read Indiana Jones: The Original Adventuresa third-person video game featuring interactive Lego-themed recreations of the first three Indiana Jones films (1981). looking for the lost chest; 1984 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; and 1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). consequence, Read Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continueswas released in 2009, based on 2008 Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

However, the connection between Spielberg’s iconic action-adventure series and the Denmark-based toy brand goes back even further. In 1998, the Lego Group launched the “Adventurers” Lego Theme, a series of games that centered in and around the adventures of a fedora-wearing archaeologist named Johnny Thunder, a character with obvious parallels to Harrison Ford’s iconic character.

The “Escape from the Lost Tomb” and the other Indiana Jones-themed Lego sets will be available for purchase on April 1, just in time for the upcoming release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fatethe fifth installment in the Indiana Jones series, and presumably Harrison Ford’s latest spin on the character.

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