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With a new first world team crowned and the Contest Mode Rules finalized, Destiny 2: The Root of Lightfall Raid has seen more days cleared than any other raid in Destiny history combined. A total of 354,388 players participated in the new raid according to Destiny Raid Reportand of all those users, 89,984 players completed advanced PvE activity in their first 24 hours.

This is a huge jump over the numbers posted for last year’s Witch Queen Vow of the Disciple raid, which had 384,441 player attempts with only 5,128 players clearing them. Destiny 2 raids are notoriously difficult, combining difficult combat encounters with unique gameplay mechanics that can wipe out your entire team, and Root of Nightmares was no different. Like several previous raids, the Contest mode rules added limited power levels and prohibited the use of certain exotics, to add an extra layer of difficulty to the event. That didn’t stop teams from completing the raid and getting new gear, like an exotic shotgun that can fire both solar and stasis shots.

In comparison, the lowest number on the list comes from the Forsaken raid, Last Wish, in which only 12 players beat it in its first 24 hours.

It’s worth noting that Root of Nightmares had a 48-hour Competitive mode window, twice as long as the usual first weekend for a raid. With those extra hours, the total number of accounts that attempted the attack rose to 445,866, and 197,762 of them managed to defeat Nezarec, a surprising 44.355% success rate. This raid had some tricky mysteries and game mechanics to learn, but with each encounter leaning towards a faster flow of puzzle-solving and a final boss encounter that wasn’t a test of bullet and sponge endurance, it’s clear to see how many teams. was able to complete the Lightfall attack.

The first team to conquer Root of Nightmares, Hard in the Paint (HITP), won not only bragging rights, but also a great Bungie team, including a championship belt. HITP managed to achieve victory in 2 hours and 24 minutes, and anyone else who completes the raid before March 21st will be able to order an exclusive. Nightmare Root Jacket if you feel like spending $150.

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