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Now that the first season of HBO’s adaptation of The Last Of Us has come to an end, everyone is wondering if Naughty Dog will capitalize on the overall success of the franchise by releasing another game. In an interview with Kinda Funny, The Last Of Us showrunner and co-creator Neil Druckmann acknowledged the excitement for a possible Last Of Us Part 3, but said that Naughty Dog has already chosen its next game.

“At the end of every project, we deliberately explore a few different projects,” Druckmann said of Naughty Dog’s creative process, after explaining how the successful studio is lucky to be able to choose projects based on passion. “Some of them could be a continuation, and then a bunch of new ideas. And then we think, ‘where are our passions?’

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“I know the fans really want The Last Of Us Part III, I hear about it all the time,” he continued. “I can only say that we are already in our next project, the decision has already been made. I can’t say what it is, but that’s the process we went through.”

Druckmann goes on to explain that the as-yet-unnamed Last Of Us multiplayer game is “our next big title,” so presumably the project he couldn’t describe is the main title coming after this release.

In the past, Druckmann has been similarly reluctant to commit to The Last Of Us for a third installment. In 2021, he said he had written an outline for a possible Part 3 with co-writer Halley Gross, but later reiterated that it would only be done if Naughty Dog felt it was a compelling story and project to work on.

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