NBA 2K23 The City and MyPlayer: Season 3 rewards – All levels, items, and more

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NBA 2K23 Season 3: Fire and Ice officially goes live on December 2. This season has some holiday-themed twists, as well as a special Level 40 reward that should have a big impact on MyPlayer builds going forward. So, what exactly will you get in Season 3? Let’s look at all the rewards for this season.

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All NBA 2K23 The City: Season 3 rewards

Stuttering reward
1 Season 3 T-Shirt
2 Season 3 Ball
3 Holiday Ball Trail
4 Four NBA Team Green Releases (Hawks, Pacers, Lakers & Rockets) & New Shot Meter
5 New Player Indicator
6 MyTeam Tokens (x3)
7 Season 3 Emote Pack #1
8 2XP Coins (30 Minutes)
9 NBA 2K17 and Andrei Kirilenko Banners
10 Pair of Ski Goggles
11 New Player Indicator
12 Season 3 Emote Pack #2
13 Festive Reindeer Accessory
14 Arm Sleeve Strengthening Ability (+1 Standing Dunk)
15 2XP Coins (30 Minutes)
16 Jordan/Pippen and Scottie Barnes Banners
17 The MyTeam Fire & Ice Pack
18 Trae Young “Forever Young” Shoes
19 Season 3 Emote Pack #3
20 Snowman Costume
21 2XP Coins (60 Minutes)
22 Celtics Big 3 and Bradley Beal Banners
23 The MyTeam Glitched Player Pack
24 Attribute Boosting Arm Sleeve (+1 Pass Accuracy)
25 Strong Mohawk Hairstyle
26 Hyperfly Martial Arts XI Pants
27 Season 3 Emote Pack #4
28 Attribute to Raise Arm Sleeve (+1 Steal)
29 LeBron James and Klay Thompson Banners
30 Flying Magic Carpet
31 Gatorade Boosts (10 Games)
32 Derrick Rose and Nikola Jokic Banners
33 Season 3 Emote Pack #5
34 The MyTeam Dreamer Award Pack
35 NBA Martial Arts XI Jacket
36 2XP Coins (120 Minutes)
37 10 Skill Development
38 Season 3 Suits
39 Santa Costume
40 Core Badge Pattern

Players can go to Seasons, and then Season Prizes in the MyCity Menu to claim these rewards. The Season 3 T-shirt will be unlocked instantly. From that point, you need to earn XP to get new rewards and level up again.

Season 3 is set to end on January 13.

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