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While the full version of resident evil 4 The new version is not released yet, people are already releasing mods for the Chainsaw demo. In particular, some of them transform existing characters into completely different people. Two of the most notable are Iven’s Shrek and ClownGodCG’s Mihono Bourbon, both of which are available from Nexus Mods. Both require FluffyQuack’s Fluffy Mod Manager to run on a PC.

ClownGodCG’s Mihono Bourbon replaces Leon S. Kennedy with the uma musume character For reference, he appears in both the game and the anime based on it, however he did not debut in the show until its second season. It’s a 3.9MB download.

Here are screenshots from ClownGodCG showing how the resident evil 4 redo Mihono Bourbon mod looks in the game.

Meanwhile, the Shrek resident evil 4 remake mod transforms Dr. Salvador the Chainsaw Man into the ogre. It uses a Shrek model created by the artist. Mr.3D69. It is a 7.1MB download.

Other modifications have already appeared. Some do things like change Leo’s appearance with costumes. There is also an option to change shadow options and options to remove the timer.

He resident evil 4 The remake is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and PC on March 24, 2023, and its Chainsaw demo is already available.

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