Should you get the Something Extraordinary Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?

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The Something Extraordinary Special Research ticket is available at Pokémon Go’s Mythic Blade event. This is an event that will serve as the debut for Keldeo, a mythical Pokémon and one of the Swords of Justice seen in the Pokémon Black and White games. For the Mythic Blade event, the only way to get Keldeo is with this Special Research ticket. Should you get the Something Extraordinary Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?

Is a Rare Special Research ticket worth something in Pokémon Go?

This ticket is available during the Mythic Blade event, which runs from December 6 to 11. The ticket costs $7.99, or your regional equivalent. If you buy this ticket, when the event goes live on December 6 at 10 AM in your local time zone, you will receive Special Research and more rewards. These rewards include a Keldeo T-shirt for your avatar, 14 Rare Candies, 12 Silver Pinap Berries, two incubators, two super incubators, two incenses, and additional Fighting and Water-type Pokémon that encounters if you use incense during the event.

Relevant: Keldeo arrived at Pokémon Go’s Mythic Blade event behind a paywall on a Special Research ticket

If you can do this through Special Research, Keldeo will appear and you can catch this Pokémon. It is a Water and Fighting-type Mythical Pokémon, and it can learn its signature move, Sacred Sword, a powerful charged attack that only other Sword of Justice Pokémon can learn.

If you want to complete your Pokédex, getting this ticket is okay. However, many mythical Pokémon have appeared in later events, and we expect Keldeo to eventually become available to the general population. If you want to receive it now, buying this ticket is the way to do it, and you can start it right away. The choice is yours. Not purchasing this ticket will not prevent you from participating in the larger Mythic Blade event, but it will prevent you from finding the same spawns as ticketholders and Keldeo.

Crabrawler will also debut during the event, but it is not tied to Special Research. It appears in the wild for all Pokémon Go players.

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