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Splatoon 3 entered Chill Season, the first major update, on December 1st. And with it comes a modified Salmon Run called the Great Run, scheduled to begin on December 9th at 4pm PT/7pm ET. The limited event will take place over the weekend and will end on Sunday, December 11th at 4pm PT/7pm ET.

Big Run will feature waves of salmonids invading the Wahoo World amusement park, and players must unite against the invaders. This is the first Great Race and it will be a recurring event.

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All players who battle in Wahoo World will receive a locker decoration, as well as more catalog points and bonus rewards. The final rewards will be based on the player’s rankings, so those who get the most points will win more. Players’ points will be tallied after the Great Run is over.

Chill Season also saw the arrival of two new maps, Brinewater Springs, a hot spring location, and Flounder Heights, an apartment complex. New weapons are also joining players’ arsenal, including 10 weapons from previous Splatoon games.

At The Game Awards, Splatoon 3 won Best Multiplayer Game. Elden Ring ended up taking home Game of the Year, with many world premieres also debuting during the show. In particular, Supergiant officially announced Hades 2 and From Software confirmed the existence of Armored Core 6, following rumors that circulated earlier this year.

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