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Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl studio GSC Game World has claimed it has suffered repeated attacks from Russian hackers, with the most recent incident resulting in some of its assets being held hostage as an act of “blackmail and intimidation,” according to the Ukrainian. programmer The studio refuses to give in to the hackers’ demands and is now asking fans to ignore any leaked images or data that might leak before the release of Stalker 2.

“Recently, our employee’s account for an image crowdsourcing program was hacked,” the studio explained in a public statement. “Responsibility for this has been claimed by a Russian social network community. They threaten to use the data obtained to blackmail and intimidate. This is not the first attempt to hack and leak our data, including personal information. We have endured constant cyber attacks for more than a year . We have encountered blackmail, acts of aggression, hacking, attempts to harm players and fans, and efforts to harm the development process or our company’s reputation.”

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year, GSC Game World partially moved from Kyiv to a new location in the Czech Republic and found its game website blocked in Russia. The developer began documenting the impact of the war on the development of Stalker 2, which was delayed from April 2022 to 2023, as well as the very real human cost of the conflict in Ukraine.

While no concrete release date for Stalker 2 has been confirmed yet, Ukrainian developer Frogwares will release Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened on April 11. Thanks in part to cash provided by Epic Games, Frogwares was able to relocate its staff last year to safer locations. areas of Ukraine and Europe.

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