The 10 best bare mods for Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes

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Resident Evil 2 and 3 are known for their charming characters fighting against zombies and other sci-fi horrors. While no Resident Evil game is known for its bareness, modders have worked hard to create barebones mods that allow players to better appreciate their character’s assets while fighting the Raccoon City.

Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 have bare mods available, from playable characters to NPCs. Here are the best bare mods that show off a character’s best assets, and give you something to take your mind off the horrors.

10) Chris Redfield RE8 Replaces Classic Leon (RE2)

This mod brings in Chris Redfield, using his model from Resident Evil Village to replace Leon whenever he appears in the game. Chris can be completely naked, and he always stands at attention. Chris will also replace Leon in the cutscenes, where you can see him acting like Leon does. There is no benefit to using Chris, as it only replaces Leon’s model, although he has an impressive appearance throughout the game.

9) Jill No Time to Dress (RE2)

This mod will bring in Jill Valentine to replace Claire, similar to how Chris replaced Leon in the last mod. You need to choose Claire’s classic tank top outfit to use this mod, but it will automatically switch to Jill’s model when the game starts. Jill takes Claire’s place throughout the game, even in cutscenes, but it has no effect on combat.

8) Naked Brad Vickers Built (RE3)

While he doesn’t have the most screen time, this mod will allow you to replace your character model with a naked Brad Vickers. This would also affect Brad Vickers in the game, showing him naked as he helps Jill and attacks Marvin. It doesn’t affect Brad’s zombie state, and the naked model doesn’t look zombified, which you should be aware of when you pick him up.

7) Annette Birkin Nude Mod (RE2)

Not the most famous character when you think of nudes, but Annette Birkin has a nude mod of her own. Unlike the other nude mods listed, Annette’s model comes with a choice of pink socks, although you can skip them entirely. Annette is also not a mod you can equip on a character, and it only applies to Annette as an NPC.

6) Thicc Jill With Jiggle (RE3)

If you want to see a slightly bigger Jill than normal, the Thicc Jill With Jiggle mod is for you. Jill is a little bigger than usual, and doesn’t have any clothes. Jiggle physics is applied and can be seen when Jill moves. Jill’s large size does not hinder her in-game, as it is only a mod for her appearance.

5) naked Carlos Oliveira (RE3)

Jill’s combat partner also has a nude mod, which exposes Carlos Oliveira’s clothing completely. This is not a straight mod, and Carlos does not act any differently than before. It is recommended that your graphics settings are as high as possible for this mod to get the best effect.

4) Naked Leon Scott Kennedy Built (RE2)

Leon Kennedy has a bare mod, and it’s a straight version. This mod replaces Leon’s Sheriff costume, but the costume must be equipped for the mod to appear in the game. Despite appearances, the mod only changes appearances and does not affect gameplay.

3) Ada Naked Mod (RE2)

While not the main character in Resident Evil 2, Ada Wong still has a significant presence with her own nude mod. Since Ada only has one outfit in the game, the mod will automatically appear and there is no need for a specific outfit to be used. It doesn’t affect gameplay or make Ada more damaging, but it doesn’t appear when Ada has her cloak on.

2) Real Naked Claire (RE2)

As the other protagonist of Resident Evil 2, Claire Redfield has her own nude mod. This naked mod applies new textures to his face and body, giving him the appearance of being naked while still having his gun holsters. You can also choose to have this mod with heels or bare feet. Access to this mod requires the Modular Classic Tank Top costume.

1) Body Perfection (RE3)

This is Jill Valentine’s bare mod, although the name doesn’t indicate that. It applies textures to Jill’s entire model to achieve a realistic nude look. This applies to all scenes with Jill as well as the regular game. Footwear isn’t an option with this mod, but that shouldn’t be your biggest concern if you’re using it.

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