The 10 best naked mods for The Sims 4

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The Sims 4 lets you control many aspects of your Sims’ lives, including how they interact with others. It also includes adult activities, such as flirting, WooHoos, and courtship. The Sims never shied away from these activities, as they are important to the well-being of your Sims. But there are times where the players feel they want more naked from The Sims 4, because they are not the young viewers before.

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Nudity is present in The Sims 4, but the sensitive parts of the body for men and women are covered with mosaics. For players who are interested in mods that will bring nudity to the game, these mods will allow you to go through the mosaics and bring more nudity than usual.

10) The Art of Being Naked

Images can get around the mosaic censor, which is exploited by The Art of Nudity mod. This mod gives you a variety of nude photos to put in your home. The pictures show the natural style of nudity and poses. You can also choose from five frame colors if you want the photos to match the furniture arrangements in your home.

9) Blooming Beauties of 2021 Paintings – Windows and Watches

For more artistic decoration, the Blooming Beauties of 2021 Paintings – Windows and Clock mod will allow you to use nude pictures of windows and clocks. You can even place nude images in regular paintings as well, giving you the full range of decorative images. You’ll need the Strangeville and Snowy Escape DLC for the clock and window images, but they’re not hard to get.

8) Bed Temptations

Decorating the house is great, but you can also add some nude images to your beds with the Temptations Beds mod. You can create beds with nude images displayed on them, allowing you to combine images side by side. Each set of beds has a different set of images to choose from, and you’ll want to download all of them to get access to the entire gallery.

7) Naturist Cook Career

Ever thought it’s a bad idea to cook while naked? The Naturist Cook Career mod suggests a different approach. When you work, you cook food while completely naked, as the job title naturalist implies. There is only one level in this career, and there is not much career progression, but you will remain naked while working on the job, which is its own reward.

6) Naturist Gardener Career

Being naked will be part of your career path in the Naturist Gardener Career mod. As you are a gardener, you don’t wear any clothes while you work. There is a career path that allows you to earn more money as you continue to work. Fortunately, anyone who takes this job will be naked at all times, according to the natural part of the job description.

5) Bare Yoga Instructor Career

Expanding on nude careers, the Nude Yoga Instructor Career mod gives you the chance to become a naked yoga instructor. There are four levels of career progression, allowing you to make this career choice worthwhile. It also helps you strike poses while naked, allowing you to appreciate your work while you work.

4) Pornstar Career 1

For a career path that should be bare-bones without being naturalistic, the Pornstar Career 1 mod puts you on the path to becoming a mature movie star. The career has six levels of development, which will allow you to climb the ranks. It mixes nudity and sex mods, although there is a lot of nudity because the focus is on making money acting naked.

3) Sex Worker Career

Combining nudity and sex, the Sex Worker Career mod allows you to work as a sex worker. Besides doing your job while naked, there are two career branches you can choose from. It allows you to choose the situations that your character will find themselves in, as well as the different scenes of nudity that you will witness while they are performing.

2) WW Slower Stripping

If you find yourself in a strip club and want to get the experience, the WW Slower Stripping mod is for you. This slows down the speed of undressing when the undressers start working, You can appreciate the nakedness of the undresser for a longer time, leading to an exciting ending when the last piece of clothing is removed.

1) No Censor Mosaic

Removing the mosaic censor is the fastest way to get bare Sims, and the No Censor Mosaic mod gets straight to the point. Whenever the mosaic censor is applied (such as a Sim’s bathing scene), it will be removed. You can enjoy a Sim’s nudity as long as the mosaic censor is in use, but you’ll need to remove a Sim’s clothes through alternate means.

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