The 15 best Enchantments in God of War Ragnarok

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On their journey across the Nine Realms in God of War Ragnarok, players stumble upon the Amulet of Yggdrasil. This Amulet unlocks the ability to create different types of builds in the game. The Amulet has nine slots for enchantments, all with different advantages and abilities that enhance a certain character of Kratos. It will also provide a significant buff for stats. There are a lot of enchantments, so with that in mind, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best.

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Strength of Asgard

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Asgard’s Fortitude provides a significant increase in strength to +12 and also increases the cooldown to +3. This makes it a great charm to have when you’re going for a purely offensive build.

Boon of Anger

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If you use the Wrath of Spartan Wrath, then the Boon of Wrath will definitely work for you. This enchantment causes Warath’s activation shockwave to consume all the status effects of enemies in the immediate vicinity causing incredible damage to them.

Boon of Valor

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If you use the Valor ability in Spartan Rage, then Boon of Valor is a good choice. Although the healing effect of Valor is reduced, this conversion provides a buff to strength and lifesteal for a short time.

Celestial Panacea

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The Celestial Panacea enchantment grants 25% resistance to all status effects. This is a great enchantment to always have in your slot as it will always help you in one way or another throughout the Nine Realms.

The Armament of Eir

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With Eir’s Armament, you get a very high chance of luck to get a Health burst on a Runic Attack kill. This is more useful against a group of small enemies like Hel-Walkers that cause a lot of damage.

The Essence of Helheim

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Helheim’s Essence increases vitality by +10 making it an important enchantment to keep in the Amulet. This is especially useful if you are playing the game with a higher difficulty.

The Essence of Jotunheim

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While Jotunheim’s Essence doesn’t improve much in a specific sitting, it does boost three at a time- strength, vitality, and luck. If you’re going for a more Runic-based build, this is a great charm to take a back seat to increasing these three stats.

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Kinetic Resilience

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Kinetic Resilience is an excellent charm and a must have for those who rely on combo finishers in combat. Along with this charm, combo finishers provide an additional charge to Permafrost, Immolation, and Maelstrom skills. In addition, the charge lost when hit is much less.

Protection of Muspelheim

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Protection of Muspelheim is another enchantment that usually takes a backseat, boosting runic, cooldown, and luck. The cooldown improvement by +10 is very useful for runic attacks.

Security in Niflheim

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Niflheim’s Security is an enchantment focused solely on defense and as such, is great for that type of build. It increases defense by +10 and is also effective throughout the set.

Bifrost Remedy

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Bifrost attacks quickly take a portion of health in God of War Ragnarok, so there’s no doubt that Remedy of the Bifrost is useful. When caught in the Bifrost, any successful attack will clear a small amount of Kratos’ health.

Amazing Fang

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With the Stunning Fang enchantment, hitting stunned enemies will release shockwaves and have a chance to deal increased energy and total stun damage. This is especially useful when finishing off stunned enemies.

Svartalfheim’s honor

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Another defensive enchantment is Svaralfheim’s Honor which increases defense by +10. It works similarly to Noflheim’s Security however the stun damage is increased throughout the set.

Power of Vanaheim

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Vanaheim’s Power is another defensive enchantment that increases defense by +10 and luck by +3. Combining this with Niflheim’s Security and Svartalfheim’s Honor makes for a great defensive build that can be useful in taking on any type of enemy.

The Gem of Vanaheim

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Vanaheim’s Virtue improves strength by +9 and luck by +4 making it a great enchantment for a purely offensive build. Combining this with Asguard’s Fortitude and other power enhancing enchantments can make Kratos even more deadly.

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