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Incapable Win the Fiery Star’s Wrath boss battle on stage 16-30 of Cookie Run Kingdom. Well, it’s not your fault because this stage is really hard to get through. The Cookie boss that appears in this episode is almost immune to all the attacks you throw at her. Also, their hits are so deadly that they can decimate your Cookies in no time. So, here we are with some important tips that can help you beat 16-30. That said, here’s everything you need to know.

The best cookies to beat 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom

As we know, we can only place only 5 Cookies on each computer. So, we have to pick 5 of the best Cookies to beat 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom. In my opinion, you can have Financial Cookie, Milkyway Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie, Cotton Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie in your team.

Each of these cookies performs its functions very effectively when placed correctly. So, this is how you should put each of them:

  • Funder Cookie – Obverse
  • Milky Way Cookie – Obverse
  • Black Pearl Cookie – Medium
  • Cotton Biscuit – Back
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie – Back

The Cookies in the Front are the Tanks who will protect their allies from incoming attacks at all costs. When trying to get through stage 16-30, the Financier and Milkyway cookies are the best tank options. Both of Cookie’s abilities shield allies and heal them, increasing their ATK, DMG, and CRIT Resist.

Also, Black Pearl Cookie cannot take direct damage from the enemy. So, we will put it in the middle to avoid damage. However, her Gloom Sovereign ability takes damage over time.

For the back position, we have the Cotton & Pure Vanilla biscuit. Speaking of Cotton Cookie, she is a great support for the team. He can restore the HP of his allies and deal area damage through his summoned sheep. On the other hand, the Pure Vanilla Cookie will continue to heal the target no matter what. Both cookies will help you endure the battle for a longer period of time.

To increase your chances of beating stage 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom, you can use the following treasures:

  • Old Pilgrim’s Scroll – Increases the ATK of all Cookies in the team.
  • squishy clock – Decreases the Cooldown period of all Cookies in the team.
  • Dream Driver Whistle – At the beginning of the battle, it will increase the CRIT% by 15% of all allies. Also, the Whistle Buff will be given to 2 Cookies with the highest ATK. For those who don’t know, a whistle upgrade will increase the ATK and damage a cookie’s resistance. Also, if Cookies with Whistle Buff are killed, the HP of all other Cookies in the team will increase by 30%.

Hopefully the cookies above will help you get the job done hitting 16-30 at Cookie Run Kingdom. Although, some of you may feel the need to use other Cookies and Treasures. You are free to explore and choose your perfect winning combination here.

That covers everything on how to beat 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom. While you’re here, be sure to check out our other guides on the best ingredients for cotton waffle, Milky Way Cookieand Pure Vanilla Cookie. You can also look at ours Cookie Run Kingdom Section For more such content, right here at Liukin.

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