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Grab your favorite operator and prepare for an interstellar battle of epic proportions in the final season of Call of Duty: Mobile 2022: Season 11: Ultimate Frontier. Kicking off on December 15 at 5:30 am IST, the new season features a host of space-themed Operators, weapons and content, as well as the new Ground War 2.0 mode, the new Crossroads map and some very special themed holidays. including Snoop Dogg – Santa Snoop.

Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 11: Ultimate Frontier gives players the chance to earn 50 new levels of Battle Pass rewards with a new supply of free and premium content, including Operators like Sliver – Comet Seeker and Synaptic, new weapons like EM2 – Golden. Hammer or AGR 556 – Martian Ammo, Weapon Blueprints, Call Cards, Charms, COD Points (CP) and more drops all season long!

Get the new weapon this season, the fully automatic bullpup EM2 assault rifle, unlocked at level 21

So, get ready for the next dimension and read on for all the highlights of Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 11: Ultimate Frontier coming to Android and iOS:

  • ground war 2.0 – In the new Ground War 2.0 mode, the basic rules remain the same, but taking place on the massive new Crossroads map, the addition of the War Beast Tank vehicle will change the game forever.
  • New multiplayer map – The new Crossroads map expands on the Season 10 Crossroads Strike map and provides an epic large-scale snow-covered setting for Ground War 2.0 ready to withstand a NATO Special Forces ambush.
  • A killing all Road themed event – Take part in an exciting new holiday theme and get some special new items, including an ice weapon sketch and an epic operator.
  • Santa Claus – Snoop Dogg returns to Call of Duty: Mobile to celebrate the holidays ho-ho-ho style. Unlock the Snoop Dogg skin – Santa Snoop Operator, the RUS-79U weapon – Christmas Lights and more.
  • Battle Pass Vault – Would you like to have completed the Season 2 2021 Battle Pass: Judgment Day? Use the new Battle Pass to purchase content from your previous Battle Pass to unlock access to content you missed.

Players can also expect many updates and gameplay improvements in Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 11: Ultimate Frontier in addition to new Seasonal Challenges, Lucky Draws, and more that will be released in the store at launch and throughout the season. .

The Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 11: Ultimate Frontier reveal trailer can be found here

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