What Curse of Vanishing does in Minecraft

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While searching for a Treasure Chest in the Jungle Temple or Stronghold in Minecraft, you may have found an Enchanted Book with a Curse of Destruction. Chances are this book has this Curse paired with an Enchantment you need, such as Fortune or Mending. Players who don’t know what this Curse is may feel that enchanting their favorite weapon or tool with the Enchanted Book is still worth the risk. Let’s see what exactly Curse of Vanishing does in Minecraft and whether you can get it or not.

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Can you get the Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft

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You are almost right if you think that the term “Disappearance” in Curse refers to some kind of invisibility or something that has disappeared. More specifically, Minecraft’s Curse of Extinction removes an object from the world upon your death. For example, we enchanted a Diamond Pickaxe using the Enchanted Book with Fortune III and the Curse of Vanishing. Next, we entered the Nether and an Enderman got angry near our Nether Portal. After our fatal encounter, we returned to our dead spot after respawning only to find our Turtle Shell helmet, missing the pickaxe.

Unfortunately, removing the Curse of Vanishing is impossible without using console commands or other non-immersive methods. Naturally, this Curse has no effect on those playing in Hardcore Mode as one death results in the loss of the entire world. Likewise, falling into lava with a Curse of Vanishing item makes no difference since the enchanted item will burn regardless.

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Does Curse of Vanishing work with Keep Inventory in Minecraft

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Some may be curious if the Curse of Vanishing effect still works with the console command “Keep Inventory” switched to “true” in Minecraft. To test this, we enchanted an Iron Ax with a Curse and went to the Nether. We challenged a group of nearby Zombified Piglin, resulting in our deaths. However, the ax does not fall upon dying, nor does the Curse of Destruction have any effect. As a result, we can confirm that this Curse does not work with the Keep Inventory mechanic in Minecraft.

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