Where to find Hot Spots in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 brings new locations, weapons, and mechanics to its island, but players may also notice another addition that has become popular from other battle royales. These are the Hot Spots; places that offer easy ways to get large amounts of loot at the fastest speed possible. However, to make sure that not every player is overpowered, it is very small on the map. Here’s how to find Hot Spots in Fortnite.

Where are the Fortnite Hot Spots?

Players in search of Hot Spots must keep an eye on the mini-map as the battle bus flies by at the start of a game. This is because their locations are shown in POIs with gold text, and they are not guaranteed to stay in the same place every game. As shown below, players do not need to visit the named locations first to determine if they are Hot Spots, as the question marks will also be highlighted. However, there are only two Hot Spots per match, so expect them to be crowded with opponents.

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What primarily separates Hot Spots from other areas on the map is that they exclusively host flying drones. There are several drones hovering over each Hot Spot, all of which can be destroyed for high rarity weapons, med kits, and shield items. From our experience, drones only take one shot to knock down, so we recommend finding them before other players.

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If all the drones in the Hot Spot are destroyed, it is also worth checking if the Capture Point has been captured at the location. Capture Points can be just as promising when it comes to earning valuable loot, as those who raise their flag to one will be rewarded with at least two weapons and the ability to see all chests through nearby walls.

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