Where to find Stonjourner in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Many of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s early Pokémon are, understandably, not as visually impressive as their late-game counterparts. This isn’t too far from the truth when it comes to the Stonjourner, though, which is scary enough based on its size alone, not to mention the fact that it’s half a building. It also makes an awesome part of a party in the early game, and of course filling out a complete Pokédex is critical.

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How to catch the Stonjourner

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Unlike some Pokémon, which have special conditions or many different habitats around Paldea, the directions to find Stonjourner are simple: head to the Asado Desert. This area is a large part of western Paldea, and is hard to miss. You can visit it early in the main Victory Road questline, probably around the time you take out Gym Leader Kofu in the nearby town of Cascarrafa. The Stonjourner should also not be overlooked for its sheer size.

While trying to catch Stonjourner, keep in mind its weaknesses as a rock-type Pokémon: fighting, grass, ground, steel, and water attacks. Alternatively, you can take advantage of its resistances to bug, fire, flying, and ice damage to drain its health without fainting. As a part of your team, Stonjourner brings strong base HP, defense, attack stats, and of course some kind of stone damage, though the real key to its value ( like many Pokémon) is in its ability. The Power Spot, which reads, “right next to this Pokémon boosts moves,” buffs the attack power of all allied Pokémon by a whopping 30%. This means that even if Stonjourner isn’t sent into battle, it can still have a huge impact on the outcome. Stonjourner does not have any evolutions of Scarlet and Violet.

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