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Are you looking for the Kinetic Blade Location in Fortnite? Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 introduces a lot of new content such as map changes, new vehicles, bosses, weapons and more. Among those weapons is the new Katana-type sword called the Kinetic Blade. Besides looking cool, the Kinetic Blade can deal quite a bit of damage and knock back other players. That makes it a great weapon to have in your arsenal and we’ll tell you how to get it.

Where to find the kinetic blade in Fortnite (location)

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In Fortnite, players can find the Kinetic Blade in chests, vaults, or supports on the ground. The best places to look for a Kinetic Blade are:

  • a pagoda building near Kenjutsu Crossing
  • battle area northwest of Mega City

These swords can appear in other places as well, but you will definitely find them in the places mentioned above. The Battle Area has two of them and many players land there to complete the season quest.

Kinetic Blade Kickback Damage

The Kinetic Blade has two attacks of its own. The first is to cut and cut with a thrust at the end called withdraw slant With this attack, you can knock your opponent down after hitting them with a few slashes. You will have to do this to three opponents to complete the “Master the Sword” season quest The second move you can perform with this sword is Dash Attack. With this attack, you will run to your enemy or any area in front of you and slash them with your sword.

Since both attacks are for close combat, you must also carry a weapon. This way you can engage enemies from a distance.

That’s all from us on the Kinetic Blade site and its Knock Back damage in Fortnite. For more content like The best landing spotsbe sure to visit ours Fortnite Section.

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