Where to get Marmalade in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s new picnic mechanic and sandwich-making system introduce a variety of different ingredients and seasonings to the game’s item list. Marmalade is just one of the many new items added to the game for players to use on their sandwiches. Consuming a sandwich gives players different effects, such as increasing the encounter rates of a certain type, or even increasing the rate at which the elusive Shiny can be found. Pokémon. The marmalade can be used to make a total of 15 sandwiches, and is described as a condiment with sour and bitter notes. It is usually used to balance oily ingredients. Still hungry? Here’s how you can get Marmalade in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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The location of Marmalade in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Marmalade can be purchased from Artisan Bakeries located around the Paldea region, as well as Aquiesta Supermarket in Levincia. Note, however, that players can only unlock it in the shop menu after earning four Gym Badges. Once you’ve beaten four gyms, you should see Marmalade in the Bakery listings. The marmalade costs ₽260 a pop and can be sold for ₽130 a unit.

Although Aquiesta Supermarket is strictly based in Levincia, Artisan Bakeries can be found in Alfornada, Artazon, Cascarrafa, Cortondo, Levincia, Medali, Mesagoza and Porto Marinada, giving players easy access to this tam -is and sour topping, if they meet the Gym Badge Requirements, of course.

The marmalade can be used to make the following sandwiches:

  • Marmalade Sandwich
  • Big Marmalade Sandwich
  • Ultra Marmalade Sandwich
  • Master Marmalade Sandwich
  • Tropical Sandwiches
  • Big Tropical Sandwich
  • Ultra Tropical Sandwich
  • Master Tropical Sandwich
  • Refreshing Sandwich
  • Nice Refreshing Sandwich
  • Ultra Refreshing Sandwich
  • Master Refreshing Sandwich
  • Delicious Fruit Sandwiches
  • Ultra Fruit Sandwich
  • Master Fruit Sandwich

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