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He Purpose The series is huge, with games, anime adaptations and all kinds of spin-offs, which means a lot of characters and servants. It can be overwhelming! But it also means there’s always someone to root for. We think we talk about everything Purpose servers we feel are the best and why they are our favorites.

Man there were so many really good ones Purpose Servants that it’s hard to pick just one. Do I pick the OG Rider Medusa because it was my favorite before I even knew it? Designated Rest Night did it exist Do I pick Ishtar because she’s the Servant version of Fate student and Objectively the Best Girl Rin Tohsaka? Or do I choose the original Saberface, Altria (or Arthuria or Artoria, depending on which side of the war you’re on)? It’s impossible to choose just one!

Besides that is not impossible, because as a faithful follower of Jalterist ideology, I choose Jeanne d’Arc Alter, patron of Do What Jalter Wants. — Jose

Purpose It has many iconic characters, but my heart belongs to King Hassan, or “Grandpa” as the community calls him. An unconventional Assassin design, some seriously wild story moments, and Jouji Nakata’s creepy baritone all add up to a servant worth whaling for. In addition, he is a very interesting historical figure. Doc Yes! – eliot

Although I think there are characters with much better and brighter designs, I love Lancer/Cu Chulainn the most and I think he is the best. Purpose server He is a practical character and quite strong! He has a good personality! His thoughts on Scathach can be pretty funny! It’s a little perplexing how many animals you consider to be viable sources of food, but still. This spearman is a good guy.

Although if we just go by the character design, then Sei Shounagon is definitely the best servant of Fate in my opinion. The color combination is so striking!

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